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Risograph printing


On the outside a Risograph looks like a photocopier, but on the inside it's completely different. Risograph printing guarantees a result very similar to screen printing in terms of vibrance of colors and ink textures, but it is faster and cheaper.

Detail of a notebook by Atto

Detail of a poster by Haunter Records

Detail of a poster by Goran

Detail of a pamphlet by Guido Tamino

Paper: kind and size

Only uncoated paper
from 60 g/m to 210/240 g/m

Maximum paper size:
A3 (420mmx297mm)

Maximum printable Area:

Colors available

  • risograph-ink-black
  • risograph-ink-fluo-pink
  • risograph-ink-blue
  • risograph-ink-red
  • risograph-ink-green
  • risograph-ink-brown
  • risograph-ink-yellow


This Risograph service is running by Atto, a design consultancy based in Milan. This is a short version of our Risograph site. If you want to learn more, please visit this website on a bigger device or write us at

We do not print thesis or books in small number of copies! Sorry 😇